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55 Science Fiction/Fantasy Movies to Watch Out For in 2011!!!
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Now that I got myself that movie/book blog in Finnish (mentioned in the previous post), I naturally face a huge, gigantic syrai(nator)-type-of -issue: wanting to blog the same thing/s in English (because it's a known fact Finnish bloggers don't raise the same kind of Hell when countering an interesting topic and goddamnit, I NEED INTERACTION. Seriously). So, yeah, argh! I just can't win, can I? So now I'm wondering whether the blog should be bilingual or if I should keep writing (English) reviews to this journal... anyone, opinions?

I suspect I'll keep the Finnish blog just that, Finnish. I suppose I need to find the right kind of livejournal community in which to talk about movie crap with others...

That, however, WAS NOT the point of this rant. The point was this awesome list, 55 Science Fiction/Fantasy Movies to Watch Out For in 2011 posted by io9, from which I've picked the ones I want to -and intend to- watch by the end of this year! I'm on a mission, fellows.

55 Science Fiction/Fantasy Movies to Watch Out For in 2011

01 :: Battle Los Angeles (March 11)
"Aliens invade Earth, and we witness the battle in one city, with Aaron Eckhart as a sergeant who has to keep it together. Also starring: Michelle Rodriguez.
Outlook: It's supposed to be a gritty war drama, that happens to have aliens. It sounds fun, at least."

All I need is Michelle Rodriguez, honestly. I'm hoping she'll last at least an hour till they waste her, which has become quite the theme for her in movies and tv shows alike. It's rather depressing. Another wish is that she'll have more than two lines, of course, 'cause that would be extremely cruel. The fact she'll, most like (yet again) play a kick-ass chick who'll groin-grab every guy stupid enough to try and hit on her makes me a little sad, though. Not that I didn't enjoy seeing her all dirty and playing with big guns (or you know, stealing cars like a pro), it's just that I wish she'd -for once- give us something new.

02 :: Mars Needs Moms (March 11)
"Based on the book by Berke Breathed, this cartoon follows a boy whose mom gets abuducted by aliens — so he has to go to Mars to get her back.
Outlook: The trailer looks seriously fun."

I've no excuses or justifications for this one, other than a) it's a cartoon, b) it's got aliens in it and c) did I mention it being a cartoon and having, supposedly, aliens in it?!

03 :: Beastly (March 18)
"A "Beauty and the Beast" retelling, with I Am Number Four's Alex Pettyfer as a hot young jock who's punished for his arrogance by being turned into a punky freak. He has to find someone who can love him in spite of his appearance, or be stuck forever.
Outlook: The trailer makes it look like a quadruple fondue — most cheesy movies only manage double or triple fondue."

Well, that says it all, really. I'm a huge fan of "Beauty and the Beast" and also, gotta admit, the whole "Alex Pettyfer as a hot young jock" might have caught my attention, too. I don't expect this one to be mind-blowing, but I do expect it to be a little different than the original version, SO.

04 :: Limitless (March 18)
"A copywriter (Bradley Cooper) discovers a drug that gives him superhuman powers, but as he starts to probe the drug's origin, a group of shadowy killers is on his trail. Also starring Robert De Niro.
Outlook: The viral marketing for this film has made it look demented, and totally awesome."

Okay, generally, as respected actor as De Niro is, he's never been a selling point for me. Quite the opposite, in fact (unless it's an older movie where he's all cute and fit, that is), but on the other hand, ever since ALIAS, Bradley Cooper has been on my list of tasty. Plus, I happen to think he's a pretty decent actor too... though it's kind of hard to say, seeing as his roles are always the same! I'm hoping this movie will change that, but I ain't getting my hopes too high... don't wanna fall hard, you know?

05 :: Sucker Punch (March 25)
"Zack (Watchmen) Snyder is back with the story of a young girl in a mental institution. She retreats into a bizarre fantasy world, which helps her hatch a plan to escape from the facility.
Outlook: This is the first original world Snyder's ever created. It'll definitely look pretty, judging from what we've seen so far."

I got as far as "a young girl in a mental institution" and I was on board. The "bizarre fantasy world" only added to my desire and then, finally, "escape" and "facility" put together and I was all MUST SEE. Yeah, I'm sad that way.

06 :: Super (April 1)
"Rainn Wilson (yes, Dwight from The Office) stars in this DIY superhero movie from Slither's James Gunn. Guest-starring Nathan Fillion as the Holy Avenger, a slicker superhero."

Um, okay. This one made me think twice. I've seen SLITHER and as awful as it was, it had just enough snark to be a good-bad -movie instead of completely bad-BAD and, hey, Nathan Fillion? His picture is next to DELICIOUS in every goddamn encyclopedia in and out of this world. And really, it's not (just) the look, it's the fact I think he's actually pretty shiny when it comes to acting. It's the DIY part that worries me, but then again, I've been proved wrong (many, many times) like maybe once.

07 :: Your Highness (April 8)
A silly fantasy epic spoof — Prince Fabious (James Franco) and his useless brother, Prince Thadeous (Danny McBride) must journey to rescue Fabious' bride. Also starring Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschanel.
Outlook: The trailer looked hilarious, and the cast is amazing.

Natalie Portman vs Zooey Deschanel... ugh, this is bad one. I don't like Zooey (I'm sorry, I just DON'T), but I do love-adore Natalie and well, then there's the whole James Franco bit, which, alongside with the "silly fantasy epic spoof" and hilariously ridiculous plot are totally working for me.

08 :: Thor (May 6)
"Kenneth Branagh (!) directs the next Marvel Comics movie, about the Asgardian Thunder God who's cast down to Earth and finds love with the suddenly ubiquitous Natalie Portman.
Outlook: There were rumors of troubles on set, but we're still hoping this will live up to the old Walt Simonson comics. The trailer looked cool."

Hey, as long as there's Natalie Portman...

09 :: Priest (May 13)
"Paul Bettany (Legion) is back in another weird supernatural thriller — this time, it's a post-apocalyptic world and the human race has fought a nasty war against vampires. Bettany defies the ruling priesthood to go out into the wasteland to look for some people who've been taken prisoner. Also starring Maggie Q as a priestess.
Outlook: We haven't had a good all-out post-apocalyptic action movie in a while, so let's hope Priest is this year's Doomsday."

Admittedly, I was going to skip this one like it was nothing but air, but as I was scrolling the page down, it hit me. MAGGIE Q? Seriously? As a goddamn priestess, SERIOUSLY? Oh, *gulp*, I hope it'll be as hot as it sounds...

10 :: X-Men: First Class (June 3)
"The fifth X-Men movie (if you count Wolverine) is a prequel, taking place in the 1960s, that traces the story of how Professor X and Magneto went from friends to enemies.
Outlook: With Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn on board, and a cast that includes James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, this ought to be good — unless the suits have micromanaged it too much."

Even though they ass-raped X3 and Woverine didn't quite reach its potential either, I can't ignore this one. James McAvoy, could -maybe-perhaps- have something to do with that fact, though.

11 :: Super 8 (June 10)
"J.J. Abrams directed this tribute to Steven Spielberg, featuring a mysterious creature that we only glimpsed in the teaser trailer. Already, speculation and probably-fake concept art are circulating about what the creature will look like.
Outlook: It could be this year's Cloverfield. Or the challenge of doing a movie that pays tribute to Spielberg could bring out something even cooler from Abrams."

To me, J.J Abrams is the Other God (Joss Whedon, anyone?) and so anything by him has to be seen... doesn't matter what it's about, really, because I'm a fanatic fangirl like that.

12 :: The Green Lantern (June 17)
"DC Comics gets serious about launching their non-Batman, non-Superman heroes, with this film about a test pilot who gets given a magic ring from space, and joins an elite squad of space cops.
Outlook: The trailer looked a bit silly, and Reynolds' version of Hal Jordan has drawn criticism for extreme doucheyness. But we're still betting this film will be a fun fusion of space opera and superheroics."

As we all know, I'm a shallow bitch. When it comes to certain types of movies (like good-bad -movies with no plot or brains) I need my share of eye-candy to redeem it. Considering it's yet another superhero movie, in a way, and it means Reynolds will (most likely) be seen in tight superhero costume... oh yeah, not bad at all. I might have an issue with Blake Lively (can't stand her in Gossip Girl, though I've only seen a few episodes but that was more than I could stand (her)! Serena Van-der-what's-her-name can go kiss Blair's ass as far as I care... um, note that I actually like Blair XD) being on the cast, but as long as Reynolds looks hot enough, I don't think I'll mind that much.

13 :: Rise of the Apes (June 24)
"A prequel to Planet of the Apes, this film shows how genetic experimentation in the present day creates a super-intelligent ape, Caesar, who goes on to lead an uprising. Featuring James Franco as the researcher who creates Caesar to help cure Alzheimer's. (And that's a set pic, not how this film will actually look.)
Outlook: Prequels generally aren't that great, but this could be an exception if they succeed in crafting a compelling origin for Caesar."

Not that surprisingly, if it wasn't for James Franco, this one wouldn't have made it to the list... I don't care about the apes, like, at all. I'm a bad classic-lover, apparently.

14 :: Transformers: the Dark of the Moon (July 1)
"Michael Bay and Shia LaBeouf reunite to tell one more story about the robots in disguise — and this time, it has something to do with the Apollo Moon landings. (Again.) And I guess they're blowing up Washington D.C. this time.
Outlook: Bay and LaBeouf both insist this film will be way better than the second one, and maybe they'll actually pull it off? The fact they've cranked this out in just two years, and there are reports of problems with the 3D filming, could argue against it, though."

First of all, I can't actually remember if I've seen the second movie other than bits and pieces (in Spanish) but I have seen the first one both in English as well as THREE times in Spanish... for whatever reason, every time I've been to Spain and visited a certain bar, the first movie has always been on. Or at least twice, the third time I think it was the second movie... ANYWAY, so not the point. I happen to be action-whore and when there's also Shia making the screen so much prettier, I'm one happy girl.

15 :: Cowboys and Aliens (July 29)
"Director Jon Favreau set out to make a straight-up Western film — that incorporates alien invaders. The cowboys and the natives have to team up to fight the extra-terrestrial menace, and in the middle of it is a man with amnesia and a weird device on his wrist.
Outlook: The cast, including Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, is pretty amazing. And the trailer looked note-perfect."

This one doesn't actually make me jump up and down, but there is Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford both in the same movie so I guess it has to be checked out. The whole set up, though? It makes me wanna go and run to the other direction. There have been only a few westerns that I've liked... although, the kind that includes aliens could turn out to be something completely different, so, better not paint the devil on the walls.

16 :: The Smurfs (August 3)
"The Smurf village turns up in Central Park. Wackiness, presumably, ensues.
Outlook: We're watching it for Neil Patrick Harris. Plus Hank Azaria as Gargamel."

WTF? The smurfs, seriously? Just what the... WE'RE MOST DEFINITELY WATCHING IT FOR NEIL PATRICK HARRIS (plus, there are SMURFS? How can you NOT be at least a little curious???)!

17 :: The Change-Up (August 5)
"Jason Bateman plays Dave, a married guy who switches bodies with his hot best friend (Ryan Reynolds) so he can try and date his coworker (Olivia Wilde).
Outlook: Body-switching comedies are almost always fun — plus Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds ought to make this entertaining."

I'm getting sick and tired of repeating myself, but, in a word: Reynolds. The whole plot sounds too much like Freaky Friday but who cares?

18 :: Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World (August 19)
"Robert Rodriguez reboots his high-tech spy series with a new set of kids. A catsuit-clad Jessica Alba is a retired agent who comes back. The third movie featured giant robots and virtual worlds, among other things, so this is probably going to have some over-the-top science fiction stuff as well.
Outlook: Whenever Rodriguez makes a movie for kids, he seems to go "Ah, what the hell." To enjoy these films, you kind of have to do the same thing."

Yeah, I'm the freak who loves Spy Kid movies and NOT just for Antonio Banderas! Although, the fact it's "a new set of kids" does break my heart, slightly. Jessica Alba might make it better for me - or she might not, can't tell yet, but I gotta asy that giant robots do NOT sound all that promising... I'm a little scared, honestly.

19 :: Piranha 3DD (August sometime)
"The sequel to last summer's exploitation movie, and as the title suggests, the focus will be on getting even more boobtastic than the first movie, taking advantage of the 3D effects. And the fish will probably be bigger, too.
Outlook: We're really not sure there's such a thing as an objective criteria to judge this film on."

To be able to mock, you first have to know what you're mocking. Know your enemy!

20 :: The Apparition (September 9)
A pair of college students unleashes something terrible and supernatural in a lab experiment — so they turn to Draco Malfoy himself, Tom Felton, for help.
Outlook: There's something to be said for unleashing otherworldly forces with weird science. Plus Felton in his first post-Potter role."

Well, if Draco Malfoy is needed to save the day, it's gotta be something special. And even if it's not, there's still Draco Malfoy possibly saving the day so hey, that's something new; count me in!

21 :: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (November 18)
"The final book is divided into two parts, Harry Potter-style, as we discover what actually happens when Bella and Edward get together.
Outlook: Bill Condon, one of the great directors working today, is making this film — so it may actually transform the Twilight series into something worthy of the man who made Gods and Monsters. You never know!"

Please, before you skin me, just hear me out! Taylor Lautner and his abs (plus the pretty boy smile, ah). Um, yeah, that's it; that's my big bad defense. I can't present any other kind, because I've no other: I guess I'm a masochist. I've read the books, I know it only gets worse and worse and yet I can't keep myself from a) watching and b) buying these movies.

22 :: Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol (December 16)
"Yes, a fourth Mission Impossible film. But this one's directed by Brad Bird (The Incredibles) and features Josh Holloway, or Sawyer from Lost. Plus J.J. Abrams is still on board as a producer.
Outlook: Brad Bird directing a high-tech spy thriller sounds like a recipe for greatness. Fingers crossed!"

As I pointed out before: meet me, the action-whore. There's Josh Holloway and J.J Abrams is the producer. It can't suck totally, can it?

23 :: Sherlock Holmes 2 (December 16)
"The sequel to 2009's runaway hit reunites director Guy Ritchie and stars Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. Let's hope they have more weird steampunk doom machines this time around.
Outlook: If it's as fun as the original, then we're down."

I belong to the category that (who?) actually enjoyed the first Sherlock Holmes movie. It wasn't the greatest, but it had its moments and it wasn't near horrible. I'm also a devoted Robert Downey Junior fan (have been ever since Ally McBeal, eh, which is why he'll always be Larry to me) and therefore his movies are always, without exceptions, on my to-watch-list.

24 :: Red Riding Hood (March 11)
"Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke directs this "Little Red Riding Hood" story, with Amanda Seyfried as a girl who's — wait for it — torn between two men: the brooding Peter and the wealthy Henry. But then a werewolf breaks an ancient truce with the humans and takes a human life, and Valerie suspects it may be someone she loves.
Outlook: It sounds Twi-tastic."

The part saying Twilight director DIRECTS kinda irks me a little, but I'm willing to give it a chance because (duh) a) Little Red Riding Hood and b) Amanda Seyfried! I loved her in Mamma Mia! and her character and her acting on Veronica Mars actually managed to make a huge impression on me.

PHEW, done now! Um, 24/55 is pretty good, right? :D *YAWN* (Also, 2.29am... bed anyone????? What do you mean I'm totally out of my mind?)

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I'll mainly comment on movies not on your list. Except First Class, because it's my #1 this summer.

Michael Fasbender (as in Azazel from Hex) also stars in First Class. His interpretion of Magneto has me intrigued the most, since I know he's one hell of an actor. Plus Kevin Bacon and did you know Nicholas Hoult plays the young version of Beast? Have you even seen this trailer yet?

We're probably going to see every Marvel movie this year, so yes, Captain America is also on my list.

Conan 3D because I love John Millius' Conan the Barbarian. I'm sure this'll be a terrible adaptation of the character, but well... it does have Jason Momoa as Conan ;)

The Thing will be a must see, as it is a prequel to John Carpenter's the Thing, which is my favourite Kurt Russell movie hands down. Plus Mary Elisabeth Winstead.

Tarsem Singh's (director of the Cell) The Immortals is must just by visuals alone.

Edited at 2011-02-24 07:09 am (UTC)

I don't wanna watch the trailers. I've been traumatized by that X-Men trailer which spoiled the whole movie!

Conan 3D because I love John Millius' Conan the Barbarian. I'm sure this'll be a terrible adaptation of the character, but well... it does have Jason Momoa as Conan yeah, but I don't know if my love for Momoa can overcome this one... I'm SO not into Conan...

You don't like sword and sorcery? Seriously? Hot muscular dudes waving swords? ...well I guess you learn something new every day o.O

But... they're like... dirty!

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