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I've been having a shit loads of technical issues with livejournal lately (I can't seem to access charming_syrai at all anymore, long story and my own fault) and the other day when it told me that syrainator no longer existed, I got... scared and infurious, which is why I packed my bags and imported all the old entries of syrainator to dreamwidth.org (it was only today that I discovered that this journal could once again been seen), but that place just does. not. feel. like. home.

I think I've repeatedly told you now that I miss writing, you guys and just generall -- I miss updating *this* journal. There's so many little things I've forgotten simply because I didn't bother updating, thinking there's no one reading ('cept for you goblie, you're always around it seems *hugs*) - it never occured to me then I could one day be my own number 1 reader and now, having lost all this time and all these memories, I REALLY regret the decision of letting this journal die.

But then, I just can't bring myself back here, I need a fresh start. You know me.

So, if I feel like updating my livejournal to be able to remember things, I will do so at charmingsyrai. I hope to see you there but if I don't, thanks for the ride :D
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TUMBLR? Oh shit.

Well, let's be honest here. I've already moved my fandom crap to tumblr because wherever vaarna goes, I -apparently- end up going too (although I did have that blog before her, be that known!). I can't help it, it's the link between us. She created me, I created her, being sired is being sired and now, I'm there.
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After I changed my House Rules, I haven't really written any fandom-related topics to charming_syrai, which is sorta weird, because on many occasions, I've had a lot to say, but it's felt sort of alien to write there - there's also the fact I'm shallow and want both journals to look good, as in, to be paid...

I may have to accept the fact that that journal is a thing of a past, kinda like fan fic writing seems to be (of course, now that I said that out loud, tomorrow I'll feel this unbearable need to go write smut - which is why I said it, to begin with) and just go for it (and everything else, basically) right here.

On one hand, that sucks and then on the other, I really don't give a shit.

For one, I have a dog and a hedgie and a guy and work and this thing called life these days so I really don't have time for all these separate journals and secondly, why try and force it, when it's just not working? Secondly, I've grown out of the "I want lots of readers/friends!" phase - having people reading and commenting, yeah, that'd be awesome but it's not something I need anymore.

So, yeah, I think it's time to close charming_syrai for the time being - I shall let it be what it was, a fic-journal and that's that - and focus on the journal that feels like home. It's where my heart is, after all.
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These things happen;

Just not feeling it right now. The want or need to update this journal. I dunno why. Just, as said, don't feel it. Perhaps it'll come back to me, these things happen (have a lot on my mind, I guess).
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Okay, I thought of it (a little notification) and I came to the conclusion that I will keep fandom rants here in this journal, at least for the time being. But!

I am going to

a) go back and filter all my personal rants so that they're only visible to my personal filter and
b) go through my filters and my friends list and make some cuts...

What this means, basically, is that in order for you to still be able to read my personal rants, you have to comment either here or into this post - if you've already done it once, you're safe :)

I see no reason to keep inactive journals in my personal filter or to even have them friended, really. And I fully acknowledge the fact that not everyone really gives a flying fuck about my personal rants. I'm doing this because lately I've been too lazy to filter my posts and it has made adding friends to this journal a little difficult because all my personal rants have been visible to everyone...

So, yeah, comment NOW (comment also if you wanna be taken off that list, thanks!).

(Yes, this mean everyone. Even you.)
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I could have edited my previous post but since it's friends only and one boring personal rant, perhaps this is a better way.

I don't know yet, but I'm thinking I might move all fandom related rants back to charming_syrai the way it used to be instead of having it "just" as a fic-journal. I just can't seem to write that shit here anymore and I miss being able to, like... a lot.

I've been trying to, I've had about a million things to say (my new love is Arthur Pendragon, SERIOUSLY) but every time I come here to update, personal shit take over the rant.

So, yeah. The thing is, when I started this journal of mine, it wasn't supposed to get so personal and depressing and honestly, I'm not about to make a yet another journal for myself just for crazy fan!girling and gushing because that'd be just batty so if this change causes anyone any inconvenience or trauma for life, I'm sorry. Feel free to remove me from your f-list :)

(Knowing me, the situation might change again in a few months, but, whatever. You know I'm like a leaf on the wind, just watch me soar ^^; and this is what I gotta do right now. Maybe?)

I'm probably giving myself a few days to think about this, though which means that all sorts of opinions on the matter are welcome :)
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fanoncouples <3

Go join (and make me inspired!!!)


[khushiyan, I expect to see you there posting prompts there, since it was your old prompts that got me trying to find this kind of community to begin with :D]

Also, any kind of pimping of this comm will make me your biggest fan, I swear.
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Jaksaa (Finnish)

Originally posted by betterthaneng at Jaksaa (Finnish)



The word ‘Jaksaa’ is a verb meaning something similar to ‘have energy’ as well as ‘want to’. It’s a versatile word that can be used in many contexts.

“Please take out the garbage”
“Ah, I don’t jaksaa!”

“Let’s hang out later today”
“No, I don’t think I jaksaa to”

Word donated by Tanya

I have to disagree a little. I would never use the word "jaksaa" as "want to" - to me, it solely means that I don't have the energy to do something. I don't wanna do something, I may say that "don't jaksaa to" but that means I'm lying, so to speak. Get it? :D